Braeden the Barbarian

Braeden the Barbarian

Fantasy book Braeden the barbarian
Fantasy book Braeden the barbarian

Take a closer look at the

Braeden the Barbarian series

with Best-selling Author

 A. J. Gallant


the book

    Travel along with Braeden the Barbarian and his extraordinary horse Finn. Finn's life is connected to Braeden's; he will live as long as his Master, whether it be thirty years or a hundred.

    The horse is very protective of Braeden and to fight the barbarian is to fight Finn, who kicks like a horse of course.

   It's a land of monsters and magic, scorpians bigger than the biggest man, and odd creatures that roam both day and night.

    Author A.J. Gallant writes a fast-paced fantasy filled with giants, witches, spells, a neurotic dragon, and just about everything readers enjoy in this genre. His characters are realistic, at least the human ones, and readers are drawn into this story


Author A. J. Gallant 

A screenwriter turned to novels.

Braeden and his World

    Breaden seeks adventure and treasure, but the Forbidden City that is supposedly paved with gold, has been given up on by the barbarian, who now believes that it is only a myth pursued on by the feeble minded. But an old friend comes along and somehow convinces him to take one more attempt at the treasure.

Why would a small delapidated town want the barbarian as their king?

    Women are drawn to the barbarian like bees to honey. His path appears to be linked with a warrior woman named Azalea, who is a match for any man with a sword.

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