The vampire cat is back for another exciting adventure

    Braeden the Barbarian is back to explore his magical castle and defend his kingdom.

A witch's spell lives on even after her death.
Knights become defenders of those who cannot defend themselves
"of Knights and Wizards"
Book 5 


T    TT This is a selection of future books from A. J. Gallant. The site will be updated periodically. You may also be able to read some works in progress.



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    Anita's death while on vacation in New York City is no accident, but instead of the end, Anita discovers that it's only the beginning. Now on the other side, she appears to be connected somehow to Detective Olive Brown, the detective assigned to her murder. And to her killer as well.

    Detective Olivia Brown wonders if the ghost is genuine or if she’s losing her mind.

    Is Anita actually supposed to help solve her murder or is something else going on?

    Can there be romance after death?

     A murder mystery like no other.


A. J. Gallant

Books in Development

(Future Fantasy Books)

The series "of Knights and Wizards" jumps ten years into the future with this new series. Marcus is now a twenty-four-year-old sorcerer.

Game of Kings and Dragons

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A. J. Gallant